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From Big to Smart Data

Experience Smart Data Analytics at Europe's largest Data Management Event!
Exploring the best ways to generate value from data, Big Data Minds Europe is a tailor-made platform for decision makers to discuss efficient data management, data analytics and data governance concepts and showcase successful Big Data projects. The leading European data management networking event brings together more than 150 Chief Data Officers, Senior Data Architects, Data Engineers, Data Governance and Data Analytics practitioners to team up, exchange experiences and find optimal solutions for effective use of data in organizations and enable a true data-driven algorithmic business.


Big Data Minds Europe


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Hybrid-Conference-Experience! Discover the most interactive &
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It’s a Multi-Touchpoint Concept The most effective and informal networking hub to reach a maximum of ROI ‒ personal dialogue, direct exchange and numerous opportunities
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Big Data Minds Europe is a unique event in the business & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support our partners to reach their targets and inspire innovation. This vision is shared by a select group of partners at our highest quality events with the most elite audience.

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At Big Data Minds Europe

Key Topics of Big Data Minds Europe

Data Analytics use & business cases: How do smart concepts for Big Data integration and analysis look like?

On the road to the algorithmic business: How to harness the true potential of data with Machine Learning & AI?

From data sourcing to consumption: How to design performant Data Architectures that support massive data volumes and high-performance processing?

Ingesting data into the ecosystem: How to achieve highest scalability with real-time ETL & stream processing?

From Serverless Data Lake to Lakehouse & Data Mesh: What are the best modern architecture approaches for data refinery, cleansing and integration?

IT Infrastructure & Big Data: How to cope with increasing demands on analytics infrastructures with Public Cloud Services?

Graph-based and stream data vs. relational data: What are technical requirements and practical application examples of innovative database approaches?

Key Topics of Big Data Minds Europe

Implementing Data Governance & Data Literacy: What are proven frameworks that define rules, policies, standards; decision rights and methods for Data Management?

Getting Data Health Insurance: How to assess, measure and enhance Data Health for better data-driven decision-making?

Empowering the data consumer with BI: How to turn data into insights and actions with Self-Service Analytics and Reporting tools?

Data Catalog & Data Virtualization: How to provide quick and efficient access to data for people, applications and algorithms?

Establishing the data-driven enterprise: How to foster a transformation culture and Data Literacy in the enterprise? Do we need the Chief Data Officer?


the Big Data Minds Europe

Testi 1 The Coca-Cola Company Thomas Kleine-Möllhoff
Diversity of topics: Balance between use cases from practice but also theoretical approaches / concepts from science / theory!
Testi 2 OTTO Michaela Regneri
The diversity of companies and at the same time topic-centred but multi-faceted discussion in lectures was very enriching. It was also a great opportunity for networking.
Testi 3 Herbert Berger
I would make a recommendation especially for colleagues who are strategically responsible for driving big data initiatives forward. Networking is also very helpful here.
D. Swarovski KG
Testi 4 Nina Kammler
The conference was very well structured and the speakers’ topics were very understandable and informative. The discussion round on the first day was very positive for networking and I liked it very much.
Rohde & Schwarz
Testi 5 Stefan Gläser
Very good format with many relatively short presentations as well as open and intensive exchange in various discussion rounds.
Hermes Germany GmbH
Testi 5 Tim Schultz
Great we.CONECT team! Super organisation. Great contacts. Thank you!
Hermes Germany GmbH
Testi 5 Tim Schultz
The organisation was top class. There was a reminder for each session and great networking opportunities. I’d love to do it again!


Get the best of both worlds – In-Person & Virtual

World Cafe World Café Session Be part of several thematic conversation rounds with changing topics and team constellations. INPERSON FEATURE Live Stream Live Streaming All Sessions will be live streamed via our digital event platform and recorded. Increase your exposure and showcase your solution to a worldwide audience. VIRTUAL FEATURE Case Study Case Study Selected brand new case studies from the industry offering insights into strategic approaches, project planning and operative realization. Learn from the most successful practices and use these real business results for benchmarking with the competition. INPERSON FEATURE Matchmaking Matchmaking Make the right business connections, meet the industry experts with a similar investment focus, and talk about the leading projects/tools pushing the industry forward through our unique software platform hubs101.
CyP Challenge Your Peers It’s an innovative workshop concept which enables participants to engage in a direct exchange with experts from a certain industry. The aim is to discuss and to identify challenges within the sector as well as problems, needs and solutions. INPERSON FEATURE Meetings Live & Digital Create on-site meetings with attendees right at your booth or discuss challenges and projects with digital attendees via video One2Ones. Meetings Live & Digital VIRTUAL FEATURE Icebreaker Icebreaker Relaxed interactive round table discussions the evening before the first conference day. The icebreaker event is the first informal networking gathering of many! INPERSON FEATURE Video one2One Video One2Ones Network before, at and after the event with onsite attendees and digital prospects whenever you want! VIRTUAL FEATURE 100 Min 100 Minutes Arrange pre-qualified and exclusive One2One meetings with potential clients. Plan these in advance with the Matchmaking Feature in our Event App “hubs:101”.
Post Event Recordings Receive all recorded sessions incl. presentations after the event in your virtual event platform. Post Event Recordings VIRTUAL FEATURE Dinner Networking Dinner Wind down, enjoy great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere to absorb all the new stimulations from the day. INPERSON FEATURE Chats & Group Chats Optimize your networking and connect with decision makers virtually, schedule video One2Ones and analyze your colleagues' challenges via our unique virtual conference platform. Chats & Group Chats VIRTUAL FEATURE Say Hello! Say Hello! Get the show on the road. Discover who is joining the conference and why. To warm you up for the conference we invite you to get to know your conference peers. Have your business cards ready. INPERSON FEATURE Panel Discussion „Fish-Bowl“ Panel Discussion A moderated conversation where hand-picked industry experts discuss current and future issues from different perspectives. INPERSON FEATURE

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