From Big to Smart data - An intelligent way to address your strategic data challenges

In today’s world the strategic relevance of your data continues to grow in every aspect of your business. Your business teams want to leverage data to compete in the market and to generate more revenue. Your IT teams need to enable the business teams to use the data and meet their own IT cost targets. And your Compliance teams need to address Governance requirements around data usage and protect your company from regulatory damages. Therefore, your company is looking for new ways to transform your strategy from Big to Smart data. This presentation will explain how the Intelligent Data Management platform from Denodo addresses all these requirements in a smart way.

– Challenges we address: Managing the increasing strategic importance of data in various business facets
– Solutions we offer: Denodo’s Intelligent Data Management platform transforms data strategy from Big to Smart
– Benefits we deliver: Enhanced strategic relevance of data across diverse business functions incl. 5 Use Cases

Andreas Heinzerling

Sales Director


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