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Data Quality & Governance @Lufthansa Group - An Assessment of Achievements

Scaling datacentric and intelligent solutions on a corporate level with the right strategy and leadership

Scaling datacentric and intelligent solutions on a corporate level with the right strategy and leadership

How to build a successful Data Marketplace in your organization

The Journey to Data-Driven Company - Learnings from 3 different Data Governance Programs

Setting up UPMs Future Business Architecture by combining traditional IT, Data Management, and Business

Unveiling the Data Mesh Saga at Roche

Basics for setting up an experimentation platform for large scale testing

NN Non-life's multi-platform ecosystem in the Cloud - Data Analytics, Financial forecasting and Operational Data Science

Transforming challenges into opportunities

Forget the rules – how ruleless AI methods improved data quality checks at ITSV

What the hype around LLMs/GenAI means for corporate IT and data strategy

Practitioner's guide to migrating to a modern data stack

From Big to Smart data - An intelligent way to address your strategic data challenges

Advocating, drafting, and implementing a holistic Data Strategy from start to finish

From Theory to Practice - A Global Car Manufacturer’s AWS Lakehouse Journey

Navigating the Future - Leveraging AI and Large Language Models in Data Analytics

Smoother and Faster Operations through Cloud Technologies Services and Data Analytics

Modern Data Architecture - Digitalization strategy at Europe's biggest Beauty-Platform

Improving day-to-day Operations in the Retail Sector with Data Clean Room

Taking Data Quality to the Next Level with a Modern Data Mesh

Wiener Linien’s Data-Driven Approach to Managing Investments in Infrastructure

Ingest and Productise Data with APIs but No-Code to Enforce your Data Mesh Strategy

Sinequa and Volkswagen – Transforming Unstructured Data into Insights through Enterprise Search


Michael Bach

Senior Solutions Engineer, Sinequa

Build and deploy data product prototypes at the speed of business

Best practices for building a Lakehouse on Azure Cloud


Joel De Water

Data Modeler, Nationale Nederlanden

How to build a successful Data Marketplace in your organization

Failure-proofing your Organization’s Data Governance

Transforming your AS-IS Application Landscape into a Target Data-driven Architecture

Coalition between Cloud Providers and Financial Institutions in Europe - Implementing a Legal Framework as the Foundation for Successful Big Data initiatives

From Insights To Action - Customer-Facing, Sub-Second Analytics for Strategic Growth


Victor Kiselev

Head of Product, Double Cloud

Data Mesh vs. Data Fabric - How to Best Enable Fast Insights for your Business

Automation and Standardization of Data Management - DB Systel´s Platform Strategy

Data Democratization and Decision Intelligence - What's Next in Data & Analytics


Patrick Ebert

Global Technical Alliance, Pyramid Analytics

Optimizing the Interaction between Data Management & IT - Conceptual Approaches for Data Governance, Organization & Architectures

Panel Discussion: What are the main challenges to give the next steps on AI adoption?

A new normal for Data Management – Data Mesh as the super fuel for better data products

Going beyond the use cases in the lab – How Continental set up the right organization and infrastructure for industrialized AI & Analytics

Democratizing Data Science in the Cloud - How Unilever creates new Data Science capabilities in production and packaging with an in-house cloud platform

Trains run better on data – How Siemens Mobility faces challenges in data analytics to improve service quality and train availability

Becoming data-driven in Finance – How Deutsche Bank carries out data innovations to increase profitability and reduce costs

Fundamentals and challenges along becoming a data-driven company - The Data Strategy at Porsche AG

Modern Data Lake - Ready for Multi-Cloud? Portability with Cloud-agnostic Kubernetes Solution

Making the case for more flexible IT controls & processes that enable Data & Analytics teams

Turn unstructured data into fuel for your business

Steps towards a digitally enabled Business Model for the Chemical Industry

Providing thought leadership via data - How Swiss Re is developing an early warning system to identify relevant events in unstructured data

Enterprise Data Architecture - A data flow through the full companies' IT landscape and beyond it

AI - When machines are smarter and companies are dumber

Implementation of Big Data, Cloud & AI at Zurich Insurance Company

Data Visualisation best practises on using the right visuals and building efficient dashboards

Build Your Own Data Governance Framework – Learnings from DeLaval

DataOps and Digital Transformation, simpler than it looks

Levelling up self service analytics with the power of data communities

How CDAOs can transform their organisations into data-driven enterprises

From Holistic Monitoring to Prediction


Eddie Kayiira

Product Owner Fast Data & Project Lead Predictive Monitoring, ING Germany

AI & Machine Learning beyond Manufacturing - Use cases and examples from Nestlé

Solving the Right Data Problem


Pre-Event Interview with Kiomi Spriestersbach

Head of Data Quality & Governance
Deutsche Lufthansa AG


Survey Report 2023

The current status of market developments, challenges, trends and opportunities relating to data management, data analytics and data governance


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