Data Democratization and Decision Intelligence - What's Next in Data & Analytics

Many organizations continue to struggle to get insights from their data quickly without having to move it out of their source systems. A key technology trend for 2023, Decision Intelligence, is what’s next in analytics. It enables organizations to more quickly gain insights needed to make decisions, act faster, capitalize on opportunities and drive innovation. Imagine having the ability to scale for any data, any person, and any analytics need from the simple to the sophisticated. In this session, we’ll talk about the ongoing barriers to getting insights your data, new technology developments that enable direct access to your data – whatever the sources – and share examples of companies who have elevated their game through self-service analytics.

One of our partners – cimt is the ideal partner to design, implement and operate modern, scalable, integrated and easily maintainable data infrastructures on powerful platforms like Pyramid’s.

– Facing ongoing barriers to getting insights into your data

– Enabling direct access to your data from any source through new technology developments

– Success stories of Self-service analytics

Juliana Hanssen

Senior BI Consultant
cimt ag

Patrick Ebert

Global Technical Alliance Manager
Pyramid Analytics


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