From Theory to Practice - A Global Car Manufacturer’s AWS Lakehouse Journey

The Lakehouse has gained popularity as an emerging theoretical approach. An increasing number of companies have started to redesign their data architectures based on Lakehouse principles to capitalize on its benefits such as scalability, reliability, cost efficiency, and seamless integration with AI technologies.

Join us as Adastra’s Oezdemir Akdemir, Head of Cloud & Data Engineering, shares his insights from implementing a Lakehouse for a large automotive manufacturer. Don’t just theorize—learn how to turn your data journey into reality with Lakehouse. Our session will cover:

– What Lakehouse architecture is
– Why organizations are choosing Lakehouse architecture for structuring and managing data
– The benefits of Lakehouse architecture
– A practical real-life case study implementation for a global automotive manufacturer
– Lessons learned

Özdemir Akdemir

Head of Cloud & Data Engineering


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