A new normal for Data Management – Data Mesh as the super fuel for better data products

Many organizations are currently working on democratization of data and building a centralized Data Lake was considered to be the best solution approach for some time. But more often than anticipated, Data Lake success (and adoption) suffered from a lack of data ownership and data availability. As a conclusion, Zalando – Europe’s biggest online fashion retailer – started moving more responsibilities to those who pick up the data and building a community between departments for domain-oriented decentralization of data. This so called Data Mesh paradigm will be introduced as a prerequisite for modern data products during the presentation.

Key topics of the presentation:

  • What are the main advantages of the Data Mesh compared to the traditional Data Lake?
  • Data Mesh at Zalando: How did we go beyond the Data Lake?
  • No more bottlenecks: Organizational implications for data teams and business departments
  • Use cases and opportunities enabled by the Data Mesh

Dr. Alexander Borek

Head of Data
Zalando SE


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