Trains run better on data – How Siemens Mobility faces challenges in data analytics to improve service quality and train availability

As a provider of intelligent mobility solutions, Siemens Mobility is constantly looking into improving insight delivery for its customers. In order to monitor and measure train and rail performance, the company implemented its data analytics platform Railigent® for both IoT and legacy data with the goal of optimizing maintenance and operation performance. The analyzed data is turned into accurate insights to customers providing more cost-efficient operations and 100% availability.

The presentation will illuminate the challenging transformation process behind Railigent® and showcase how to:

  • collect every piece of data possible, mostly via sensors at the edge – then clean and prepare it for analysis
  • monitoring operations and automate corrective action and quick decision-making
  • predict failures using AI technology
  • support engineering and maintenance experts through extensive root cause analysis

Markus Hollfelder

Senior Key Expert and Technical Product Owner
Siemens Mobility GmbH


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