Democratizing Data Science in the Cloud - How Unilever creates new Data Science capabilities in production and packaging with an in-house cloud platform

For Unilever to remain competitive in the future, the business needs to continue on the path to become data intelligent. Its ambition is to enable democratization of data, while supporting the culture shift required for data driven decision making. On the technological side this is realized by building an in-house cutting-edge cloud platform. Latter is the foundation for Data Science in a digital framework and shall accelerate & simplify access to relevant data throughout various production plants. The presentation will emphasize on the key benefits of the cloud approach and showcase how new Data Science capabilities enable process analytics in production and packaging.

Key takeaways:

  • How Unilever democratizes Data Science for digital transformation
  • Taking the cloud road: How to setup a cloud platform for Data Science initiatives?
  • What capabilities are enabled through the cloud platform?
  • Applied Data Science: How does the new platform boost processes in production and packaging?

Satyajit Wattamwar

Data Science Lead
Unilever N.V.


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