Becoming data-driven in Finance – How Deutsche Bank carries out data innovations to increase profitability and reduce costs

Deutsche Bank is on its way to transform into a more digital organization, having started a strategic partnership with Google and shifting more and more of its infrastructure into the cloud to improve existing processes and build new products. One of the main tasks of its global innovation team is to harmonize the overall cloud strategy with Big Data – The session will illuminate the most recent steps of the bank’s cloud migration and will show how this enables implementation scenarios for Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and NLP projects.

Key takeaways of the presentation:

  • The overall plan: The transformation of Deutsche Bank into a data-driven organisation
  • How Deutsche Bank is migrating more and more infrastructure and services to the cloud
  • Linking cloud strategy and Big Data for new Analytics and AI use cases
  • Ethical AI approaches: How to understand AI ethics and safety?

Peter Hung

AVP R&D | Analytics Advisory
Deutsche Bank AG


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